Westview High School

ImageThe High School that I’m going to is Westview High School. My mom and my step-dad work there they are Mr. and Mrs.Hubschmitt. Most people that go to Westview are smart and take AP classes. Statistics show that people that go to Westview are smarter than people that go to Mt.Carmel check outhttp://www.greatschools.org/california/san-diego/12216-Westview-High-School/. I hope that if you are making a decision you decide to go to Westview it is a great school and your teachers,classmates,and staff are friendly.Also check outhttp://www.powayusd.com/PUSDWVHS/Counseling/2012-2013/Docs/CourseCatalog2012-2013.pdf for the courses that you can take.¬†GO WESTVIEW WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!