How to make homemade butter

Are you tired of the processed butter? Do you want a fun cooking project for your kids? Well you can make homemade butter. Supplies: Heavy cream, baby food jars. How long: 10-20 minutes. Instructions: 1st you fill up half a baby jar with heavy cream then close the jar.  Shake the baby jar till the cream gets thick and the cream starts to stick together. Open the jar and pour out any excess cream. After knead the butter under water to get out any more buttermilk. If using it now put on some(some cinnamon and sugar on with the butter tastes amazing!) If your not using it now put in the refrigerator so it does not spoil. This is how to make homemade butter!


What to get to prepare or use for an Earthquake

ImageHmmmm….. so there is a deadly earthquake and i need 5 things to survive. I would probably need 1) a jug of water. 2) Some food, 3) extra clothes to wear and blankets and pillows. 4) ¬†shelter like a tent . 5) finally i think you would need your family because that is what your going to need to go through such a hard time. if this happened at school my parents would want me to call them and if i didn’t have my phone then i would probably meet them at Westview High School or go with one of my best friends.