Scavenger Hunt

1)What are the top 3 OIL RICH COUNTRIES as of 2012.

The top 3 Oil rich countries of 2012 is Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States.

2)How much does it cost to go to UCSB as an IN STATE student?

It costs $36,644 to go to UCSB as an in state student.

3) Find an image of PEBBLE BEACH, SAVE IT, INSERT IT, and Google MAP to the place you

Pebble Beach  

4) Find HOTEL in Salzburg Austria. How much per night? Show an image of it. Google Map to it.

The hotel I found is The Hotel Goldener Hirsch. It costs $300 per night. Hotel Goldener Hirsch


5) Go to Palomar Junior College website.
 FIND a CLASS in SPRING. What is the class?

A class is LITERACY/ADULT BASIC ED II. It is about getting adults the basic skills to be productive workers and emphasize reading, math, and English language.

6) Go to
• How much are TICKETS TODAY?
• How much is it to stay at the CLIFF LODGE TODAY – FRIDAY for 2 ADULTS?
• Provide a TRAIL MAP of Snowbird

The Current temperature is 42*F.

Tickets today are $74.

It costs about  $418 to stay at the Cliff Lodge from today to Friday for 2 adults. 

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