Educational apps

One educational app is Math Bingo it is great for kids. I have for my little brothers and i even use it sometimes just to practice. On the app you can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing plus you can try three different levels 1 2 3 . The game is formed as a bingo board and you click the answer and once you get  Bingo you might get a Bingo Bug. Now what you can do with a Bingo Bug is there is Bingo Bungee and you try to get coins it is just a fun little game. You can also check out your Bingo Bugs and make them spin and sing it is very fun and educational hope you get it from the app store!Another great educational app is spelling city. It helps you spell and has spelling tests, hangman, and much much more. THis is an app where you can learn to spell and just have fun. Plus it goes up to the 12th grade! One more educational app is star walk. This app helps you find stars and helps kids name the different kinds of con-stallions it is a very interesting app and in my point of view educational.Math BingoStar WalkSpelling City


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