Westview High School Club

I would like to join Link Crew. Link Crew is a group that show freshman around school. I think it would be fun because you get to be a leader and you get to show kids how to get to their classes and where to go to lunch e.t.c. Anyways i think it would be a fun experience my brother does it and he says it is pretty fun. This is the club i would like to join at Westview High SChool


My favorite place


 My favorite place in the world is most likely my grandparents. I love it there because all my favorite cousins and aunts and uncles live there. Plus as a bonus they pretty much let me do whatever I want. Anyways its fun and i have all girl cousins there and i have a baby cousin who is just the most adorable thing in the world. This is why my favorite place is my grandparents.

Cancun Mexico Underwater museum

In Cancun,Mexico a sculptor , Jason de Caires Taylor just made the first underwater museum. This a plan to make an ecofriendly museum to not hurt the fish. All of the sculptures are made out of artificial reefs and special materials. it is located in the Mexican Caribbean. There is more than 400 sculptures and is from 9 to 20 feet. The theme of the museum is how Mayans evolved through the years. It’s called “The Silent Evolution.” The sculptures are life size and are supposed to expand the museum over the years. 

How to make homemade butter

Are you tired of the processed butter? Do you want a fun cooking project for your kids? Well you can make homemade butter. Supplies: Heavy cream, baby food jars. How long: 10-20 minutes. Instructions: 1st you fill up half a baby jar with heavy cream then close the jar.  Shake the baby jar till the cream gets thick and the cream starts to stick together. Open the jar and pour out any excess cream. After knead the butter under water to get out any more buttermilk. If using it now put on some(some cinnamon and sugar on with the butter tastes amazing!) If your not using it now put in the refrigerator so it does not spoil. This is how to make homemade butter!

Westview High School

ImageThe High School that I’m going to is Westview High School. My mom and my step-dad work there they are Mr. and Mrs.Hubschmitt. Most people that go to Westview are smart and take AP classes. Statistics show that people that go to Westview are smarter than people that go to Mt.Carmel check outhttp://www.greatschools.org/california/san-diego/12216-Westview-High-School/. I hope that if you are making a decision you decide to go to Westview it is a great school and your teachers,classmates,and staff are friendly.Also check outhttp://www.powayusd.com/PUSDWVHS/Counseling/2012-2013/Docs/CourseCatalog2012-2013.pdf for the courses that you can take. GO WESTVIEW WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s going to be our next president

As you all know the presidential election is up. This is having an effect on my life because my two uncles are gay. Obama is going to let them be who they are but Mitt Romney is hating on them.Another thing is that Mitt Romney is using money as his strength and that is just kinda wrong. Plus his full name is Willard Mittens Romney. How hilarious is that name. Ok well tell me who you plan on voting for or who you did vote for. Obama 🙂 or Mitt Romney 😦 !

MItt Romney Style

Okay well here is “Mitt Romney” and he is doing Gangnam Style. He clearly is saying what he does he wastes his money on stupid things. Like wiping after he’s doing using the toilet and using his money to impress ladies when in fact he is married and has many kids. To find out more about his bad choices just watch the video and it says a lot of stuff he is planning on doing. Hope you enjoy and have some laughs!

Educational apps

One educational app is Math Bingo it is great for kids. I have for my little brothers and i even use it sometimes just to practice. On the app you can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing plus you can try three different levels 1 2 3 . The game is formed as a bingo board and you click the answer and once you get  Bingo you might get a Bingo Bug. Now what you can do with a Bingo Bug is there is Bingo Bungee and you try to get coins it is just a fun little game. You can also check out your Bingo Bugs and make them spin and sing it is very fun and educational hope you get it from the app store!Another great educational app is spelling city. It helps you spell and has spelling tests, hangman, and much much more. THis is an app where you can learn to spell and just have fun. Plus it goes up to the 12th grade! One more educational app is star walk. This app helps you find stars and helps kids name the different kinds of con-stallions it is a very interesting app and in my point of view educational.Math BingoStar WalkSpelling City