What to get to prepare or use for an Earthquake

ImageHmmmm….. so there is a deadly earthquake and i need 5 things to survive. I would probably need 1) a jug of water. 2) Some food, 3) extra clothes to wear and blankets and pillows. 4)  shelter like a tent . 5) finally i think you would need your family because that is what your going to need to go through such a hard time. if this happened at school my parents would want me to call them and if i didn’t have my phone then i would probably meet them at Westview High School or go with one of my best friends.


Jack and Dominic dancing

these are my little brothers. They were about 2 or 3 when we first filmed this. They were obbsessed with this song, and they love to dance and have fun. They are a little older now and are still energetic  They don’t really remember when we filmed when i showed them my blog but they do remember the song and tried to reenact  I didn’t film it but i will try to next time. I hope you love this video and have some laughs.

New Technology


New technology huh… well new technology is very cool with touch screen devices and internet tv’s. i am so glad to be alive during this generation with ipod touch’s and iphone’s and internet tv’s. I think thats got to be my new favorite technology device. These are very awesome and cool device’s. I wish that my brother or one of my parents made these because then i could have them.

My most beneficial middle school class




My most beneficial class in middle is school is most likely math. Everyday you use it with out even knowing your doing math. Like if your at the mall and you have $20 and you want to be a top for $13.89 you do math and figure out how much you have left. or even in classes and you have read a certain number of pages and you have to read a certain number of pages more you do math in your head. I think math is the moth beneficial class in middle school

Halloween time for fun

ImageHalloween is coming soon. Hey guys Halloween is coming up and its time to dress up. Weather its a disney princess or   Slender man always remember to be safe.Here are some tips.1) Bring a flashlight 2) Go with friends or family 3) Remember to have fun. Halloween is not just for kids remember that and have the time of your life.

Older Brothers


Do you have an older brother? They can be so crazy and very mature and all of  your life you want the responsibilities they had and all of the privileges to go out and hang with your friends. But then there is a moment where you sit and think wow my brother is such a amazing person but he is leaving in a year to go to colloge. Then you no longer have the silly fights about who folds laundry or does the dishwasher but the fights of not letting them go to college. Most of the time. This is the point in which having a older brother is the hardest.

Justin Bieber or Harry Styles

Justin Bieber Huh…… Well he is one of the leading teen artists and is so hot.  lets see would you rather Justin Bieber 🙂 or Harry Styles 😦 ? One Directions songs may be better but by far Justin is so much more hot than Harry Styles. I do have to give credit to Liam Payne who is amazing at soccer and is totally hotter that Justin but Justin Bieber is hotter than Harry Styles. Did you ever think about how Harry Styles likes to date women that are at least 20 years older than him. So who do you pick. Leave comments below to let me know…….!!!!!!!!!